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"Let's get back to business, this story's far from finished |

But baby... the best beginning's written in the end..."

Singing let me feel like I had a place to escape to, especially when I was just starting. When I was writing Desires, I had already put out a mixtape on Soundcloud I was not happy with. All I could think is "how can I do better?" This leading track to the whole project is me emerging as a smarter, better musician than ever before.


My first song I wrote for the EP, this had quite a backstory. I wrote it thinking about someone other than my then girlfriend, trying to get my thoughts out in subtlety. This was written at one of the most emotional times in my life, which clearly had a payout with this being one of my personal favorite songs I've ever written.

"Girl you got a whole lot to get, 's why I'm giving it all to you, I'm putting my faith in you..."

3. F1GHT

"I just wanna make you feel right | Give you peace of mind, | When you speak your mind you'll be like... (La la la)"

I have strong inhibitions at times. I get nervous. I don't like myself. And I thought of all the people that might feel the same way - the ones that fight to love themselves.


This was my first attempt at a pop banger in the club - I wanted something to offset the more serious lyrical undertones I had given towards the beginning of the EP. I stayed honest, and even in high-energy environments I search for signals before making moves.

"All I wanna know from you tonight is if you're feelin' up to feelin' good tonight."

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